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Mobilised was four days of topical debates discussing industry, ethics, futures and economies, presented by industry leaders, curatorial collectives, researchers and designers.

We find ourselves in a constantly fluctuating, interactive and connected world, dominated by never-ending waves of innovation and founded on global distribution and exchange. This period of hyper-change has afforded us the opportunity to experience things in an unprecedentedly diverse number of ways, changing how we choose to consume, connect to objects, interact with others, and engage with technology. In the midst of this mass mobilisation there is a new type of person evolving: the agent. They push the boundaries of the materials we manufacture, create strategies for our well-being, anticipate the shape of the future, and take action against how we safeguard content, near and far.

Speakers included: Austin Holdsworth I Becky Booth I Matthew Slater I Cecilia Wee I Héloïse Parke I Sebastian Bergne I Alex Chinneck I Pia Wüstenberg I Rachel Gannon I Manuela Macchi I Yann Mathias I Colin O’Dowd I Stephen Barber I Will Bloor I Jack Gwilym Roberts I Cher Potter I Ilona Gaynor I Katie Treggiden I Danielle Reid I Ben Reason I Sam Barbic I Alasdair Dixon I Joanna Choukeir I Sherif Maktabi I Hugh Knowles & Oliver Hurrey I R-Urban Wick I Marc Péridis I Nina Tolstrup I Ian Hunter & Rutger De Regt I Ben Alun-Jones I Jonathan Rowley I Roel Wouters I Matthew Plummer- Fernandez I Dr. Sarah Teasley

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