Disruption Through Design: Critical Exploits and Spaces of Possibility

Disruption Through Design

| Speaker | August 14-18, 2015, Vancouver | ISEA |

The ISEA2015 conference focused on the theme of DISRUPTION, particularly inviting conversations about the aesthetics of change, renewal, and game-changing paradigms.

I hosted a panel with curator and academic, Gillian Russell (Royal College of Art) and designer and educator Craig Badke (Emily Carr University) called ‘DISRUPTION THROUGH DESIGN: Critical Exploits and Spaces of Possibility’. Our aim for the panel was to discuss critical modes of design practice that have developed over the last 20 years, with a focus on whether (and to what extent) they reveal and disrupt surrounding narratives, beliefs or ideologies as well as instigate critical discussion while encouraging more active forms of intervention and agency.

If you are interested in hearing what was discussed I’ve published my presentation over in the thoughts section.

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