Critical Creative Campaigns: Making Marketing in the Age of NeuroCapitalism

| Workshop | 12 June, 2016 | ANTIUNIVERSITY NOW!|[ SPACE ] Art + Technology

Until very recently the methods marketing companies used to measure market and individual consumer behaviour depended largely upon inference, either through consumer reports, surveys and focus groups.

In comparison, neuromarketing uses clinical information in the form of brain imaging (fMRI, EEG, MEG) and biophysical monitors (galvanic skin response and facial recognition) about brain activity and biological mechanisms. Leveraging science to reveal what the consumer is actually feeling, the field of neuromarketing claims to help explain human behaviour by revealing what is happening inside of the “black box”of the mind (Fugate).

One of a selection of emerging fields in a wider neurocapitalist industry –neuromarketing integrates marketing, economics, interaction and UX design and neuroscience with personal digital technologies– communicating to consumers of semiconscious and emotional refrains, rather than treating and trusting them as cognitive subjects, is a new reality.

Starting from the premise that the citizen is more than a consumer, this workshop experimented with neuroscientific emotion recognition technologies and constructed alternative materials to create neuromarketing campaigns for the citizen, not the consumer.