In the Robot Skies

| Producer | Short Film | 2016 | Dir. Liam Young |

Directed by Liam Young
Written by Liam Young + Tim Maughan

In the Robot Skies is the world’s first narrative shot entirely through autonomous pre programmed drones. The film explores the drone as a cultural object, not just as a new instrument of visual story telling but also as the catalyst for a new collection of urban sub cultures. In the way the New York subway car of the 80’s gave birth to a youth culture of wild style graffiti and hip hop the age of ubiquitous drones as smart city infrastructure will create a new network of surveillance activists and drone hackers. A network of drones survey the balkanised and gentrified council estates, a roving flock of CCTV cameras that both bring our characters together and keep them apart. In this near future city drones become both agents of state surveillance and the aerial infrastructure through which people fall in love.

in the robot skies_hackers ready to fly