Made For Play – Work, Pleasure, Survival


Made For Play is an anomalous platform for art and research, organised in London with its partner and host, Furtherfield Gallery. A question lies at the heart of the project: ‘if technology is changing capitalism, how is capitalism changing the self?’ Through a programme of a lab, exhibition, public events, and an independent publication, Made For Play rethinks the role of the worker as they draw on internal resources and self-made networks to develop new avenues of pleasure and survival. Its projects bring together artists, designers, scholars, and communities, through new experiments in artistic co-research and production.

In Spring 2018, Made For Play begins with a lab held at Furtherfield Commons. The lab will act as a temporary community-based action research group, bringing together artists, researchers, and community participants, who will collectively act as interrogators and investigators unpacking what is happening when we collapse conflicting interests of work, entertainment, and personal ambition.

The Made For Play zine, compiled through co-research undertaken in the lab, will be distributed online. The zine will feature in-depth readers interrogating ‘new sites of spectatorship’, as well as playful, personal, and subversive investigations into emerging sites of work, play and survival.

Building on the research and community support developed through the project, in July 2018, Made For Play will open an exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery emerging directly from research and community engagement.

#digitallabour, #self, #playability, #gamification, #neurocapitalism, #datacapitalism, #immateriallabour, #bodyshopping, #darklabour, #attentioneconomy, #playthrough, #precariouswork, #self-managedfactory, #immaterialindustries, #timewellspent, #gigworkers, #playbor

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Image by Chen Fei, “Scale the Heights of Art”, (2015)