Curatorial Projects

Cooking Nature’s Books (2019)
Playbour– Work, Pleasure, Survival, Furtherfield, London (2018)
Assembling a Moving Island, Walk&Talk, Azores Islands (2018)
Playbour Lab, Furtherfield, London (2018)
Digital Dark Ages, Abandon Normal Devices Festival, Manchester (2017)
Humans Need Not Apply, Hong Kong (2016)
In the Robot Skies, Dir. Liam Young (2016)
Marketing in the Age of NeuroCapitalism, SPACE [Art+Tech], London (2016)
Ground Truth: The Migrant Machine, Furtherfield, London (2016)
Big Bang Data, Somerset House, London (2015)
Digital Revolution, Barbican Centre, London (2014)
The Institute Effect at ‘Close, Closer’, Lisbon Architecture Triennale (2013)
Mobilised, SuperTalks, TENT, London Design Festival, London (2013)
Made to Order, SuperTalks, TENT, London Design Festival, London (2012)
Black Book Interview, Seventeen Gallery, London
Electric Futures Technology Week, KX Filling Station, London (2012)
Anti-Design Festival, London (2012)
The Earth Not a Globe I & II, Rokeby Gallery (2009)