October, 2015

I’ll be speaking at the first Renewable Future’s Conference Series at RixC, Latvia, in October, 2015  on ‘Futuring Social Change:  Crisis, cognition and agency’. More here.

August, 2015

DISRUPTION THROUGH DESIGN: Critical Exploits and Spaces of Possibility, I’m hosting a panel at this year’s ISEA, Vancouver, CA, August 2015. More here.

May, 2015

Notes on the vertiginous: an afternoon screening and series of presentations at Flat Time House, in partnership with LUX Artists’ Moving Image. More here.

September, 2014

John Cale & Liam Young, LOOP>>60Hz : Transmissions from The Drone Orchestra, Barbican Theatre, 12 – 13 September 2014 / 20:00